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Because the developers at Solex are most interested in helping all of us to become more educated about the functioning of our bodies, they will be forever simplifying and updating our information, bringing additional information and knowledge to help us. 

THE AO scan is a tool that helps us to look around inside our body, just as we can look around the outside of our body with our own eyes. This does not mean we have a diagnosis in what we see. 

Always remember to utilize the advice and opinion of your health care providers if you have health concerns.

It is important to remember that these devices do not take the place of medical care. This is a tool for educational purposes only.

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Jeanette R.
Salt Lake City, Utah

"After suffering with different health issues for years I felt it was time to get educated on the functions of the body… Now I coach others on their path of holistic healing. This empowering team has created the best educational program I have experienced in my 25+ years in education. I FINALLY feel confident running scans for my clients!"

Ella S.
Provo, Utah

"I feel I gained a solid foundation of knowledge about the human body and of tried and true protocols to start taking clients through. It was also helpful learning about legalities, starting a business, and what a health coaching session can look like. Our bodies are Amazing!"

Teddy M.
Cape Town, South Africa

"I really felt empowered in my holistic health education and like I'm a part of something very important and big. Holistic Health Educators keeps the most accurate and recent research in their courses. I now know how to educate and help my community, and I feel privileged to be a part."


Watch a live AO Scan Session 

Holistic Health Practitioner Karen Urbanek has been using AO Scan Technology in her practice for over 4 years.  

Her passion for helping clients find answers, reclaim their health, and live with hope now extends to you as she shares the ins and outs of combining incredible technology with empowering education.


Features of the AO Scan Technology

AO Scan Technology comes with four types of scans that you can perform on yourself, your family, YOUR PETS!! or your clients:

Quick Scan

Inner-Voice Scan

Vital Scan

Comprehensive Scan

At the end of each scan, you can run a Frequency Restore for any area that is out of alignment.

The results of most scans can be printed or emailed for further review by a physician, or health practitioner.

The AO Scan provides a fifth feature known as SEFI. The Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter (SEFI). This fascinating technology is designed to capture, amplify, and imprint subtle energy frequencies into any element or item.

Why Holistic Health Educators?

We deliver an entire community of learners and educators right to you. You become part of our system of active learning - where you gain applicable knowledge and can ask questions in real time. 

Our seasoned students feel confidently rooted in an understanding of human biology and the science behind healing.

Whether you're here for community calls or professional certifications, we want to support you in your personal development and in your ability to transform the lives of people you share information with. 

Biofrequency technology is just one of hundreds of modalities of healing that we embrace!

The Scanner Reports

Vital Scan

Performs a complete scan of over 550 Blueprint Frequencies associated with each bodily function.

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This Scan

 Comprehensive Scan

Provides a graphical report that displays variances from homeostasis ranging from 1-9.

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This Scan

 Inner Voice Scan

Uses a sound harmonizing technique that generates a balancing audio frequency derived from the voice spectrum in humans.

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This Scan
Quick Scan

Learn actionable skills you can easily use to improve your daily life. Quick Scan has a morning, midday, evening, or custom option.

More Details About
This Scan

S.E.F.I. (Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter) is also included with the AO Scanner technology.

The S.E.F.I. is not a scan, it is strictly vibrational frequencies that can be broadcast to a target.

S.E.F.I. devices are designed with the ability to erase, capture, amplify and then imprint subtle energy frequencies to other targeted objects as well as to simply broadcast preprogrammed frequencies. The AO Mobile unit has been equipped with the ability to perform all of these functions.

 The actual sound associated with the frequencies is far above the human ears ability to hear them. Technicians have added sound to many of them to know that something is happening. 

Follow this link for a "how-to" video on using the S.E.F.I.

The Quantum Frequencies program contains over 1100 symptom-type items already preprogramed into the unit while The Quantum Reach program contains 29 emotional or affirmation type items. There are also Quantum Affirmations, Quantum Flowers, Quantum chakras, Quantum Homeopathics and INNergy Homeo-Energetix all preprogramed for use through the AO mobile unit.

These preprogrammed frequencies can be made into a Custom Playlist of up to ten frequencies to broadcast to a target or imprint into an object such as water, jewelry, stones, etc.

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I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Understanding the AO Unit and Frequencies

The AO scan a reliable tool for helping us map our own health path using biofeedback frequencies.

It is especially important to remember that AO scanning is using frequencies and NOT chemistry or electricity. This makes it perfectly safe to use with pacemakers, transplants, children and or pregnancy. Results from a scan equate to a frequency reading or exposure to frequencies, not a diagnosis of event. The goal is to re-educate frequencies that have begun to vibrate incorrectly back to the known found correct frequencies. When the AO scan is used, it can help to balance out unhealthy frequencies as well as offer the correct frequency so that like a tuning fork, piano or other stringed instrument, the correct frequency could help an item to resonate at the same correct frequency and hopefully hold or maintain that correct frequency for a time. Albert Einstein once referred to it as “A spooky effect that happens from afar.”

Everything gives off its own Frequency whether healthy or unhealthy or even missing. When scanning a missing limb or organ; the scan results will reveal how the body is handling or dealing with that missing organ. To review some examples to help understand this concept of energy and belief systems, feel free to review articles such as THIS.

A tuning fork is indifferent to the origin of the frequency that causes it to resonate if it is the same frequency. Like the tuning fork, other objects will also resonate when their correct frequencies are close enough and vibrating. This short article gives us an additional perspective This is the same objective of the AO scan frequencies with respect to properties of the human body.


Inner-Voice takes the physical and the emotional and joins them together into harmony by applying radionics or RAD tones that will balance out the incorrect or unhealthy frequency while offering the correct frequency to bring about a balanced state for the emotional or physical frequencies that are scanned.

Stated plainly, Inner-Voice diminishes frequencies that are in excess and supplements frequencies that we lack. The music that AO Mobile associates with the Inner-Voice is not the therapy, it is just for comfort. The therapy is in the underlying tone of the selected piece.

Inner-Voice records your voice during a 10 second session and analyzes it against the twelve defined notes or frequencies; C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A# and B.

A great explanation if you do not understand music theory well is found here.

Inner-Voice then focuses on the three notes or octaves that are excessively out of balance, meaning they are being over compensated for, as well as the one octave that is being most suppressed. It is believed that this fourth tone is the most important to pay attention to and address if there is only time to address the balancing of one tone (approximately 5 min.)

Every single note produces a series of tones called the overtone series. The HUMAN ear tends to hear these subtle variations as essentially the same.

The colors associated with the Inner Voice scan may be coincidently like those of the chakra’s, but it was not specifically designed that way. Tone or frequency has its own color and the Inner-Voice colors are the color of their associated tone.

The Inner-Voice technology is designed to accurately capture and analyze the data it receives form the voice and match it with the harmonics of the body and which organs are most effected by the emotions we are projecting through the frequencies of our “noise” or voice. This is why it cannot be fooled by trying to disguise ones voice or “noise.” Correct frequency cannot be disguised, only balanced or unbalanced (did you go to the break stride link above?)

Inner-Voice helps to harmonize our everyday life by improving: Concentration, Creativity, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management and Interpersonal Relationships.

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Quick Scan

Quick Scan is a shortened combination of the Inner-Voice and Vital scans

It is designed to offer the individual a quick balance based on a 10 second scan using the transducer headset.

The scan will show the Most projected as well as the most suppressed emotions in that snapshot of time and offer a balancing tone and colors that could be used in order to return to a more balanced homeostasis.

Combined with the Quick Scan, if an individual has entered supplements or other items into their library, the scan will provide the top suggestions based on the top detected frequencies from the library that could benefit that individual in that moment of time. The Quick Scan has a morning, midday, evening or simply a custom option available.

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Comprehensive Scan

Comprehensive scanning is AMAZING! We have used this for years to help see what areas of the body are under stress. Scans can be run on the following: All Arteries of the body, Body Parts (Ears, Eyes, all of the muscles of the body), All Connective Tissues of the body, Organs (Heart, Lungs, Adrenals, Base Ganglia, Organs in the Neck, Brain Sagittal, Cerebral Cortex Functional, Meninges, Digestion, Blood Cells, Human Cell, Kidneys, Liver, Reproductive, Pancreas, Rectum, Skin, Small Intestine, Rectum and Large Intestine, Teeth, Thyroid, Urinary), All of the Nerves of the body, Skeleton – all the bones of the body, All the Veins of the body.

The numbers seen on the comprehensive are 1 through 9. When you see a 1-3 this represents sluggish or areas not functioning well with 1 being the worst. A 7-9 represents stressed or areas being over worked with 9 being the worst. A 4-6 represents an optimum position to be in with 5 being balanced.

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Vital Scan (Similar to different levels of blood testing)

The Vital Scan contains 550 items for the GF Premium Service.

Scans can be run on all of the following: Allergies / Pollen, Allergies / Sensitivities, Amino Acids, Bacterial Diseases, Basic Physical, Blood Lipids and Blood Lip and Apolipo Proteins, Blood (other), Body Reproductive, Bone and Muscle Condition, Bone Growth Index, Bone Mineral Density / Disease, Brain Nerve, Cardiovascular / Cerebrovascular, CBC Report, Chinese Meridians Standard, Chinese Meridians Extraordinary, Chakras, Collagen Index, Digestive Enzymes, Endocrine Glands, Eye Health, Fatty Acids / Omega 3, Fatty Acids / Omega 6, Fatty Acids (other), Fungus, Gastrointestinal Function, Genetics, Hormones – Moods / Sex / Stress / Sleep, Human Toxins, Immune System, Inflammation / Oxidation, Kidney Function, Liver & Gall Bladder Function, Lung Function, Microminerals, Macrominerals, Minerals / Heavy Metals, Molds, Pancreas – Beta Cell, Pancreas Glycemic Control, Parasites, Skin Index, Thyroid Function, Viruses, Vitamins / Coenzymes.


Optimizing after a Vital or Comprehensive scan is providing a frequency that has been created for the individual or profiled person for a condition that was just scanned based on a situation that is found out of tune.

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